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Can I see the final design before it’s processed?

Yes! Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email within 24 hours (not including weekends) containing a preview of your final design. This is so you can check you’re happy with everything before it’s processed. If you want to make any changes, you can!

PLEASE ENSURE you check your emails (and junk) for our email containing your preview - we won't send anything out to you without receiving confirmation from you. 


What kind of photo can I use?

You can use any photo taken on your iPhone, Android, GoPro or camera. We recommend using original photos (photos that have come straight from the camera itself, or the original photo from your phone’s camera roll) as these will be the highest quality.

If you’re purchasing a larger size print, we don’t recommend using photos saved or screenshotted from social media or WhatsApp, as this tends to reduce quality and may become blurry or pixelated when blown up (but not always!). You can usually tell by zooming into the photo to see if it becomes pixelated.


Do I have to add coordinates to the bottom, or can I write whatever I want?

You can write whatever you want on the bottom of your print, it doesn't have to be coordinates.


My photo is landscape, is that a problem?

Nope! Landscape or portrait photos are fine - we crop all photos to fit inside our prints.


My photo is in colour, but I want my print to be black and white. Is that a problem?

Not a problem at all! We will edit your photo to be black and white for you.


If you find that the photo I upload is really bad quality, what will happen?

Don’t worry - if we find that your photo quality really isn’t good enough, we’ll let you know. You can then try to find a better quality version or choose a different photo.


I don’t know if my photo is good enough quality, what shall I do?

If you’re not sure and you’d like us to double check, feel free to email it to us at We’ll check it over and get back to you within 24 hours.


I have more questions, where can I contact you?

Feel free to jump on chat (bottom right hand corner), or email us at


Create your custom print here!



Thank you so much for your custom order - we can't wait to start designing your beautiful prints!


Please note - we can only process your order once we have received email confirmation that you are happy with the final design, therefore dispatch times on custom prints could be longer than usual.